The principal science behind irradiation by means of an electron beam is based on the interaction of the high energy electrons with the material to which they are exposed.

The electrons are generated by an electron accelerator. This is basically an electrical machine that is able to transfer the electrical power to electrons.
This accelerator produces high energy electrons, which are streamed into an electron beam. At Ionisos Ibérica, the product passes underneath this electron beam whereby the energy from the electrons are absorbed.
The absorbed energy provokes changes within the product, and depending on the application these changes can be biological or chemical. It is this absorbed dose which is measured by our dosimetry laboratory to release product without the need for sterility testing or to release industrial products without the need of properties testing (read more about this in the “Technical Information” page).

The different industrial and manufacturing applications applied at Ionisos Ibérica are:

• Sterilization and sanitization
In these cases, low to moderate treatment doses provoke a break in the DNA chain destroying contaminating micro-organisms.

• Materials modification
In the case of materials modification, the treatment doses are much higher. The use of radiation through electron beam technology as a means of changing the molecular level in polymers and other materials is well established. A result of this type of treatment can lead to either cross-linking (reticulation) or the splitting of the macro-molecular chains (chain scission).


  • fast & efficient
  • easy control of the dose for each treatment
  • direct treatment of product in its packaging
  • clean
  • economic & competitive
  • intrinsically safe